• Coopershill Food Smoked Venison 1


January - Coopershill Venison Medallions in a creamy Juniper Sauce 

February - Coopershill Venison Casserole in Red Wine

March - Braised Red Cabbage

April - Rhubarb & Ginger Jam

May - Smoked Venison Salad with Melon & Raspberry Vinaigrette

June - Spinach & Rosemary Soup

July - Blackcurrant Parfait with Cassis Sauce

August - Lovely Crab Linguine

September - Quail with a Mushroom & Port Sauce

October - Chocolate Roulade

November - Pot Roast of Coopershill Venison in Red Wine

December - Roast Monkfish with Pea Puree


In the rolling hills and lakelands of Co. Sligo Ireland, we are blessed with an abundance of local produce from a vibrant farming community. At Coopershill, right outside the dining room window, we have our own vegetable and fruit gardens and on the pastures surrounding the house we have our own herd of Fallow deer.

In season most of the vegetables served are grown on the estate and might have been picked from the ground that same day. All of our beef, lamb, duck and of course venison is reared locally. We source our fish fresh from ships that bring their catch to shore in Killibegs, Co. Donegal.

We sell our Venison, homemade jams and Raspberry Vinegar in local delicatessens and the Sligo Farmer's market. In turn, we are able to source much of what we need there such as free range eggs from our neighbour, Anne O'Donavan, and Organic Vegetables from Tattie Hoaker.We serve dinner at one sitting on separate tables and have a limited choice menu (which changes daily) avoiding the need for re-heating and freezing. The results are startling. Fresh, local and full of flavour. Irish Food at its best.