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Venison is quick to cook and very versatile. You can roast it, casserole it, grill it – just like beef or lamb! We have a range of Venison cuts ready for you to use - from boned and rolled shoulder joints, perfect for pot roasting, to oven-ready top-side roasts and diced Venison perfect for a winter stew. We are very proud of an exquisite smoked haunch of Venison we have just launched and distribute around Ireland. Venison is for sale online with PayPal.


Roast Loin of Coopershill Venison with a Red Wine Sauce

Coopershill Smoked Venison Salad with Melon & Raspberry Vinaigrette

Coopershill Venison Medallions in a Creamy Juniper Sauce

Coopershill Venison Casserole in a Red Wine Sauce

Pot Roast of Coopershill Venison

Venison Meatballs in a Mediterranean Sauce

Venison Steaks with Cranberry Cumberland Sauce