• 4 fallow deer buck.  Venison Ireland
  • A wild deer at Coopershill
  • Fallow deer in the snow.  Venison for sale


Irish Venison for sale direct from the farm at Coopershill Co. Sligo

Approximately 150 fallow deer roam the fields at Coopershill in Co. Sligo, Ireland and they are grass fed throughout the year.   They are kept outside all year where they are happier with plenty of shelter and shade in our woodland.  

The advantage of farmed venison over wild venison is that we know the exact age of each animal and can therefore guarantee flavour and tenderness of the meat. High in iron and a plethora of vitamins, very lean and low in saturated fat; it is the perfect red meat for anyone who cares about their cholesterol levels but still enjoys an exquisite meal.

Venison is quick to cook and very versatile. You can roast it, casserole it, grill it – just like beef or lamb! We have a range of venison cuts ready for you to use - from boned and rolled shoulder joints, perfect for pot roasting, to oven-ready top-side roasts; diced Venison perfect for a winter stew (try cooking in red wine) and hand-made venison sausages. 

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