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We highly recomend Louise Waters, trained in Reiki and Aromatherapy Massage in the Tara School of Integrative Medicine. Her journey has led her to qualify as a Western Herbalist and Naturopath and to train in a variety of massage disciplines including Ayurvedic Massage, Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage and Lymphatic Massage. Therapies are only available with advance booking and take place in Sligo town. You can reach Louise on 087 900 2160 or www.louisewaters.ie




Aromatherapy Therapeutic Massage - 55 minutes €65/85 minutes €95

Suitable for both men and women and using a unique aromatherapy oil blend designed especially for you this bespoke massage uses strong, therapeutic massage techniques to relieve tense, tight muscles, target problem areas, reduce stress and help boost the body’s immune system.



Eminence Organic Skin Care


Eminence Organic Signature Facial - 50 minutes €80

All our facials are tailored to your needs making them skin specific. Using age-old Hungarian massage techniques, results are immediately visible and long lasting. Suitable for both men and women, fresh fruit and plant pulps and health-boosting herbs pack the skin with nature’s nutri-ceuticals; skin will be left clean, freshly hydrated and glowing for days.


Eminence Anti-Aging and Radiance Facial - 80 minutes €110

Including a relaxing back and head massage, this anti-aging, warm, herbal facial imbuees the skin with long-lasting smoothness and deep hydration. Skin is deliciously cleansed, exfoliated with nature’s fruit acids & enzymes, plumped with vegan friendly hyalouronic acid, and clarified with Vitamin C. Tailored to your skin type, masques packed with anti-oxidants and cutting edge ingredients are custom blended and massaged into the skin using traditional Hungarian facial lifting and firming techniques.



Maternity Treatments


Mama Mio Maternity Massage - 55 minutes €65

Suitable from the second trimester this completely relaxing massage uses our safe but highly effective pre-natal massage techniques and the award winning, Mama Mio Omega -rich oils to relax those specific lower back muscles that are carrying your beautiful bump. This includes a wonderful head and neck massage and the unique Yummy Tummy elasticing masque.

Maternity Head and Leg Treatment - 50 minutes €65

This mineral-rich foot soak and massage for lower legs and feet helps with poor circulation, water retention and the tiring effects of carrying your precious extra load. While you sit back and relax we will massage your hands and cuticles and treat you to a blissful head massage.

Eminence Maternity Facial - 50 minutes €80

This gorgeous facial uses natural, safe and balancing organic pulped herbs & fruits just as Mother Nature intended for you at this very precious time. Relax in the knowledge that this facial is caring for more than one. Suitable at all stages of pregnancy and tailored to you skin care needs on the day, this bespoke facial treats the hormonal imbalances and changes in the skin that occur during pregnancy. Gentle, effective and deeply relaxing: skin is left bright, radiant and glowing.





The Mind and Body - 110 minutes €125

This bespoke experience is tailored specificially for you and includes an Full Body Massage and an Eminence Signature Facial. This unique treatment is designed to treat your skin leaving it glowing and radient while your body is massaged using a fusion of Hungarian Massage and Ayurvedic Massage techniques leaving the mind and body calm and rejuvinated.

The Yummy Mummy - 110 minutes €125

This fabulous experience has been carefully designed for those who are expecting their precious bundle or for those who have just had their baby. Including a Mama Mio Maternity Massage, Leg Treatment and Eminence Maternity Facial this top to toe package will nourish the skin and relax the mind.