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Environmental Hotel

At Coopershill we are aware of our responsibility to manage the environmental impact of our business and have assessed our activities to determine the nature of that impact.

Our performance so far :

Heating :
Taking advantage of windblown timber from the 500 acre estate, the public rooms are heated by a large wood burning stove and three open fires.
Insulation :
We have sheep wool insulation in the attic sourced from a Wicklow company.
Fresh Water :
We collect rain water from the roof and supplement it with our own spring water. It then goes through a natural filtration process before arriving in our taps.
Recycling :
Meals at Coopershill are cooked to order so there is little waste. Fruit and vegetable waste is composted and put back into our gardens or fed to our deer and sheep. Plastic, glass and paper are separated and recycled. Newspapers are turned into bedding for local stables.
Electricity :
Our electricity provider sources 80% of its power from renewable sources, primarily wind. Older light bulbs are being replaced by low energy versions as they need replacement.
Food :
Wherever possible we grow our own, when that is not practical we buy locally, and the last option is to buy nationally. On a day when Venison is on the menu we can boast that the distance from farm to fork is about 500 metres! We have an expanding vegetable garden and have a fruit garden providing the ingredients for many of our deserts and jams.
Estate Management :
On our farm we participate in the latest Rural Environmental Protection Scheme guaranteeing measures to care for the land such as the preservation of stone walls & hedgerows, care of our livestock and the promotion of bio-diversity in our wild flora and fauna. In our extensive woodland we grow beautiful hardwoods such as beech, oak and ash and are part of ongoing national Native Woodland Improvement schemes to encourage indigenous species. In the last two years we planted over 6,000 hardwood trees at Coopershill on an estate that already had extensive woodland. We encourage wildlife by preserving habitat and allowing no shooting on our property and provide extra food for endangered Barn Owls that were bred at Coopershill and then released.
EU Ecolabel Flower Accreditation :
Coopershill achieved the Eu Eco-Label in June 2009. The Eu Eco-label is the only sign of environmental good practice that is independently certified and recognised throughout the EU.
For more information see www.ecolabel-tourism.eu
If you would like to help :
Above all Coopershill should be a place for you to relax and be happy. The following small steps should not detract from your enjoyment of a wonderful stay but over time they will have a positive impact on our environment. Please :

Avoid leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth
If you see a leak please tell a member of staff
Leave towels on the towel rail if you do not need them washed
Close the windows if you have the heating on
Leave items for recycling such as paper and glass beside the waste bin in your room
Turn off the lights and heating when you leave your room
Consider a car free day while at Coopershill and enjoy some of the many walks on the estate
Tell people about our environmental programme