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Dinner is an elegant four course meal with a choice of Starter and Main Course served at one sitting at separate tables at around 8:00 each evening. The menu changes daily and is dictated by the ripening of the produce in our vegetable and fruit gardens and the recommendations of our local butcher and fishmonger. The beauty of having a limited choice menu is that in season, you can be assured that most of the vegetables on your plate were still growing in the ground that same morning, and that your meat and fish are fresh. 

On a day when Venison is served, we can boast that the distance from farm to plate for 75% of the ingredients is about 200 metres! We would describe the food at Coopershill ashigh quality Irish Country House cooking. Don’t expect food piled in precarious pillars and as dazzling to the eye as the Peacocks in the grounds. Rather you will find startling fresh flavours, generous portions and the kind of simple elegance and style that never go out of fashion.

Guests are seated at individual antique tables set with Irish crystal and family silver. The 14 foot high ceiling, 18th century family portraits and antique furniture combined with the warmth of a family home make for an altogether Grand setting 

The cost of dinner in 2021 is €60 per person. 

Examples of our menus can be found by clicking on the links below. 

Sample Menu 1 | Sample Menu 2 | Wine List


Note: Dinner for non-residents is by reservation only.